Stephen F. Austin Elementary School

Every Roo Can Learn!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

During school hours, all visitors MUST enter through the South entrance and sign-in.
Drop Off and Pick Up will be located at both entrances.
There are 3 lanes inside the carpools.  
Lane 1 is for parking only.  
Lane 2 is the moving lane. This is for vehicles in Lane 1 and Lane 3 to merge into.  Lane 2 can also be used for if you do not find parking in Lane 1 and you need to drive through and circle back around.   
Lane 3 is for Drop Off and Pick up. Pull all the way up and students will be entered on the right side of the vehicle.  The left side of vehicle is not safe as vehicles are driving through Lane 2.
Please leave all cross walks open for people crossing and do not block them with your vehicle.
***There will be no early pick-ups between 3:00-3:20 p.m. Please plan accordingly.
If possible, we ask that K-2 grades use the south entrance and grades 3-6 use the east entrance. Special accommodations will be allowed for carpools and multiple grade level families. The back parking lot is for buses, daycares, and faculty only.